What is TriCounty baseball?

The TriCounty Baseball League, in existence since 1953, is an independent, semi-pro baseball league currently consisting of nine teams in Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, and Cumberland counties of Southern New Jersey.

Who is the league Commissioner?

Currently, the league has an opening for League Commissioner. Open Position

What rules govern game play?

Major League Baseball rules, under accordance of the American League, are used. The league also has a set of bylaws that address issues and situations unique to the TriCounty League itself.

What is the age limit?

There is no minimum or maximum age limit.

Where do the players come from?

90% of all players are either currently in college or former college players. A small percentage of those have had professional experience.

Do players sign “contracts” with their teams?

“Contracts” are not signed, but official rosters are submitted at the beginning of each season. Adding players after the season begins is allowed and player movement between teams is also permitted in-season, but only if all “obligations” have been fulfilled and both teams agree to the transaction. All players become “free agents” at the conclusion of each season.

Can a professional player participate in the league?

No. Any player under a professional baseball contract may not play in the league.

What teams make up the league and where are they from?

team listing

How do I start my own team?

Rights to a team franchise are requested through the Office of the Commissioner. Teams will first submit an application for franchise and then be asked to attend one of the league’s off-season meetings to present their prospective team. Current teams will either accept or reject the proposed franchise based on a majority vote.

What costs are associated with the league?

Annual league fees currently consist of an entry fee of $175 and an insurance fee based on market value. First year teams will incur an entry fee of $250. Additionally, teams are responsible for making payments to umpires and supplying regulation baseballs at each game. Equipment, including full uniforms, bats, etc. is also the responsibility of each team. An approved, regulation-size home field is also required.

Must each team use wood bats?

Wood bats have been required since 1999. Composite bats may be used.

How are umpires assigned and paid?

Two umpires are assigned to each game by the NJBUA per the official TriCounty schedule. Both teams are responsible for the payments to umpires at every game. Costs are currently at $65 per game for each team.

How many games constitute a season? When does the season start and end?

The number of games played varies based on the number of teams in any specific season, ranging from 22 to 28 games. The season begins approximately on June 1 and continues through the end of July. Playoffs start in late July/early August and last approximately three weeks.

Are there any “winnings” given to the top teams in the league?

Yes. Monetary awards are provided to the playoff champion and runner up, as well as the top four regular season teams according to point totals. The Carter Cup is also awarded to the playoff champion.