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Thank you for your interest in the open position of League Commissioner for the TriCounty Baseball League. Below is a list of all the major requirements. A form is also provided to submit your contact information to the league regarding the position.

• Oversee and coordinate a semi-pro, summer baseball league by working in unison with the league coordinator, league treasurer, and member teams
• Be a persuasive influence in the league and ambassador for the league to all outside entities
• Have an in-depth understanding of MLB rules and the league's bylaws to make fair and reasonable decisions for any necessary protests/issues
• Secure a contract with an umpiring association for the current season, including negotiation of rates and fees, agreeable to both parties
• Coordinate the league's schedule with member teams and the selected umpiring association
• Update standings and results on a daily basis during the season
• Keep all member teams updated on player movement/roster changes during the season
• Organize and call meetings as needed before, during, and after the season
• Perform any other duties, or delegate those duties, related to maintaining the league
• Preferably a background in baseball
• Must make use of both email and texting to communicate with league.

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